How To

How to use Element Model Pack models
After you download your file, unzip it to a directory of your choosing.
Open After Effects.
Go to “file”, then “open project”.
Navigate to the directory where your Element Model Pack model resides.
Select the After Effects file.
The file will begin loading.
A box will open saying that the models and textures need to be “relinked”
Click on “relink”.
Then click the “select folder” button, and navigate to the folder where you put
the model and textures.
Your model, with its textures will load into After effects.
You are now ready to begin working with the model.
You can go into the Element scene file, change textures or materials.You will find a camera, camera null, and in most cases additional lights in the After Effects scene
that you can modify to your liking.
That’s it!…now, go create some cool motion graphics with your new models!